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Welcome to Visual Pollution, a graphics site maintained by Masa. Visual Pollution has been online since July 2006 and was designed in Photoshop and notepad; the blog is powered by WordPress.

The types of graphics you will find on here are winAMP skins, wallpapers, and a few premade layouts. The resources available on Visual Pollution are Photoshop brushes and gradients, Japanese and Korean fonts for Windows, and various textures.

Uknow winamp skin!

Taemin winamp skin! Download?
100x100 Texture Packs

For use with making icons! Please do not steal credit for these packages.

The Arts.
Contains 30 Art inspired textures/bases for icon making. Download?

Fairy Tales volume 1.
Contains 30 Fairy Tales inspired textures/bases for icon making. Download?

Japonaiserie volume 1.
Contains 25 Japanese-themed textures/bases for icon making. Download?

Halftones volume 1.
Contains 25 Halftone-ish textures/bases for icon making. Download?

You agree to the terms of use by downloading or using this content.

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