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Welcome to Visual Pollution, a graphics site maintained by Masa. Visual Pollution has been online since July 2006 and was designed in Photoshop and notepad; the blog is powered by WordPress.

The types of graphics you will find on here are winAMP skins, wallpapers, and a few premade layouts. The resources available on Visual Pollution are Photoshop brushes and gradients, Japanese and Korean fonts for Windows, and various textures.

Uknow winamp skin!

Taemin winamp skin! Download?

Clean-up Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for Photoshop. Screencapture of Gwen Stefaniis by Teh_Indy@livejournal.com.  Images hosted at Image Shack.

Step oo1. We start with this image of Gwen Stefani, and we open it up in photoshop.:

Step oo2. Duplicate the layer that has the Gwen image and on theduplicated layer, set it’s layer mode to either soft light or overlay.I used soft light on this image. Now, do the following to the soft light duplicate image:
filter > blur > gaussian blur > Gaussian Blur @ 1.7 pixels. Click Ok.
Your image will now look like this:

Step oo3. Now, Duplicate the original Gwen image again. Move that layer so it is on the very top. Set its mode to either overlay or soft light. I chose soft light in mine. Now, do the following to this top layer:
filter > sharpen. Sharpen your image three times using that method; your image will now look like this:

Step oo4. // optional If you feel the contrast is too high on the final image, you can do the following; pick the top layer that was sharpened three times and go to:
image > adjustments > Desaturate
Your final image will look like this:

The End

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